Overlay PASS Time Goal Name Decals

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L5: Dapper Member
Jul 30, 2017

Players tend to get very confused in PASS Time. They lack information on how to interact with the goals, causing them to do stupid things which frustrates everyone. Let's help with that!

I suggest 3 simple "Goal Decals" which display the name of the goal (Run-In, Throw-In and "Bonus Throw-In") alongside a simple small illustration of a person performing the task the goal requires you to accomplish.

For Run-In, this could be a stick figure running with the ball in their hand. For Throw-Ins, a person throwing the ball into a bright circle. Here is a shitty mockup of what I mean, and where I would put the signs in the current map I am working on:


The "Bonus Throw-In" could technically just be a recycled normal Throw-In decal except you just slap the word "Bonus" in the text.

That way, players can very quickly tell which goal is which and how to score with them. This should hopefully reduce the rate of people throwing into the Run-In goal massively.
It would help the game mode a lot, reduce frustration and educate players more reliably using the map itself.