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zythebeach a3

shorelight 2

shorelight 2
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. a3 - update

    whats new? reshaped connection to highground for red on last fixed door not closing on A capture when it is supposed to minor changes (because i forgot to write down what i changed (again!)) thanks to all the playtesters!
  2. a2 - update

    whats new? new A point platform new highground platform on last sightline blockage added pickups to A > B added window room to A added some rocks on A minor changes thanks to all the playtesters!
  3. a1a - update

    whats new? added more arrows to help red navigate during setup added force respawn for red reduced A cap time from 40 to 30 clipped an area under a staircase at B added nobuild to water at last minor changes thanks to all the playtesters!