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Tug O' War A7

Koth on a Moving Tugboat

  1. TheMightyGerbil
    The saga of Red and Blue fighting over meaningless things continues as they have a "tug of war" over which direction a "tug boat" circles.

    Pun extremely intended :p .


    Gameplay revolves around getting on and capturing a moving boat with a koth point on it. Capture the point and it circles the other way. The map has some additional quirks about it as well, retractable bridges, a fairly easy to find secret room and hopefully more down the road.

    The ocean wave's sound is public domain from Freesound . I then shortened and re-looped it.

    After 10 years of not finishing a map (still haven't finished this one yet XD) I did one for the connect 5 contest with the idea of uploading no matter how far I got.

    All glory to God for letting me get this far.

Recent Reviews

  1. Jack5
    Version: A7
    I'm sure this map will play well on joke map servers, but it doesn't have a place in normal gameplay. Also for the fact that water is randomly broken on this map and has visibility issues depending on how you look at it.
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