This is the time for what? [SFM + Photoshop] - Summer 2018 72 Hour jam entry 2018-07-30

RED Scout, giving the team a little prep talk for the match

  1. Umbya Shpee
    The following is a poster I made for the 2018, 72 hour summer contest in sfm, beginning work around 6 pm est on Saturday July 28th 2018. Completed at 11 pm est Sunday, July 29th, 2018.

    Also comes with a complementary spy, attempting to make the blender logo. Enjoy! :)

    Assets I used {excluding vanilla tf2 valve props. ( spytech, 2fort, lumberyard...) }:

    Frontline props (red flag):
    -Cornet Theory

    Ocean Sims (Toon water used in the background):

    Hi-poly pyro V2 (red pyro):
    -Sedimentary Socks
    -Game Zombie

    Hoopty's Skybox release (dis_sky03.vtf):


    1. 72 hr jam entry.png

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