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  1. B!scuit

    Wasteland A6

    Now alpine!
  2. ☁ Cloudy ☁

    Deadlock a5

    I always liked night maps and wanted to try making one so this happened. I learned that lighting is hard and painful.
  3. Heili

    Vice [CP] A1

    Urban city with opposing hotels at the other end of the block. Vice has a balance of close and long range areas designed with the inspiration from Team Fortress Classic & Half-Life. cp_vice_a1 published with 20 hours left on the clock. Used the wonderful Maritime assets from Bullet crops and...
  4. Nixon

    zahndo a4

    Remember this? Probably not, there are a lot of maps, but that's not the point! The point is, is that Zahndah, at his wits end, orphaned the map and released the vmf to the public: I randomly...
  5. ISPuddy

    Toggle Day/Night b1?

    How this w0rk? change fog change tonemap change color correction (2fort and ghost fort) toggle zhe light_environment toggle night and moon brush The Files: - pprefab_daynight1.vmf - test_daynight1.bsp The Good: NO NEED TO PLACE OVER 9000 LIGHTS The...
  6. Mikroscopic

    sky_alpine_night_01 a1

    Credit goes to Tlba (The Letter Before A):
  7. BIRD UP!

    cp_toner A23

    Update: Now with a better name!!! ______ Toner is my first attempt of getting back into map making with the goal of making something that is not orange, ugly and over saturated with light. It's starting out at A18 since it took me a lot of courage to even try uploading here to begin with, so...
  8. doony

    Scaffolding A11

    RED and BLU fight across rooftops over a central point: the final floor of a skyscraper under construction. This map is in alpha, so any features may be changed in future versions. New screenshots are hosted at the Steam Workshop link.
  9. Kill_the_Bug

    mineshaft RC21

    This is a sort of a Badwater a reskin but set up inside a cave / mining complex. Have made a lot of changes to the map / style / gameplay.
  10. chemelia

    432 A1

    Originally made for the 2016 7.2 Hour contest. Thanks to Urban for donating during the stream! Featuring barrels, and a surf ramp at mid for some reason.
  11. parkingturtle

    nightwork a4

    Two companies feeling there's no room for both of them in this town. Fight for the shipping area on the middle, the other team's parking on the second and finally, take control of the boss' office on the first floor.
  12. Serbian Hammer

    Dorado - Overwatch A01

    This is currently my favorite OW map. Screenshots: It is currently in alpha, as it is 100% playable and works exactly like its OW counterpart, but lacks an artpass. Some areas might need restructuring for balance, but for now preserving the layout was a priority. Have...
  13. Erk

    Trivia Night?

    Just something dumb I thought of; What if we had a game we would play, maybe every 2-3 weeks where people would be faced with a random trivia question that's about Team Fortress, or Hammer? It'd have to run on the honor system to ensure no one cheats.
  14. Vanuz

    koth_outgo final

    Symmetrical night map, quite a lot of open spaces. Maybe be unplayable. Work in progress.
  15. Elizabeth

    72hr Jam 2022 koth_production B13

    Welcome to koth_production. The map pits Red and Blu against each other for control of a munitions factory. The map follows a close design to viaduct with a few twists such as having the map use rotational symmetry instead of mirrored symmetry which is seen in most koth maps. Resources used ABS...
  16. OctoBlitz

    Do you guys prefer Night maps or Day maps?

    I am currently looking for a skybox for a map I am adopting and I wanted to know if you guys like day or night maps due to the only non-event night koth maps are koth_king and koth_probed. Thank you for your help BlitzVS
  17. Viemärirotta

    Shinobi A4

    My first shot at map making. Shinobi is a 4cp (5cp atm, update soon™) set within the Japan theme.