Granite Alpha V2

The Mercenaries of Teams; Red and Blue battle for dominance of the town of Granite

  1. spetz

    koth_granite is my first ever proper map I've made in hammer. I wanted my first map to be very basic using the viaduct formula crash talks about in his hammer tutorials. I chose to set the map at night time as it seems not many maps in the casual pool are set in the evening and I wanted to understand how lighting worked better. If you have any tips for future maps or updates on this map let me know! I love TF2 and want to become a competent mapper one day :)


    blu side

    inside of red building

    blu corridor

    inside of blu spawn


    1. GRANITE LOGO.png
    2. koth_granite_r20001.png
    3. koth_granite_r20002.png
    4. koth_granite_r20003.png
    5. koth_granite_r20004.png
    6. koth_granite_r20005.png
    7. koth_granite_r20006.png
    8. koth_granite_r20008.png

Recent Updates

  1. Lighting Update
  2. Update #2 [22/07/2019]
  3. Update #1 [22/07/2019]