ctf_pulp_machine a8

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ctf_pulp_machine a8

Because nothing says "Capture the Flag" like building an australium isotope bomb in the enemy base.

second upload wew

pulp machine is a (hopefully) competitively balanced invade ctf map where you make a bomb
take the australium and plop it on the enemy's capture zone

have fun!

thanks to croatons, gnont#4890 (on discord lol), steevman and various people on both my and the tf2maps discord for helping me test out the map!
credit goes to aeon "void" bollig for creating the skybox texture
First release
Last update
Invade CTF
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Latest updates

  1. aesthetics (and some other things)

    -lowered some sections of the rooves in the lobby (soldiers still found it easy to rocket jump inside the lobby from one side to the other with intelligence) - fixed an oversight where players would be unable to grab the intel if the current...
  2. fixed the skybox

  3. hmm... playable...

    CHANGES: - added a timer to the cap points (players found it far too easy to simply make a run for the capture point. this new capture system makes it easier for the defending team to take the intelligence, and harder for attackers to simply send...