Nighttown Final (Stopped)

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Nighttown Final (Stopped)

Welcome to Las Vegas

Nighttown is a Payload Map set back in the 1980s


Control Point A: The Parking Lot

The first Area of the Map takes place in a Parking Lot!

Control Point B: The Crash Site

The second Area of the Map takes place inside Las Vegas near a Crash Site!

Control Point C: Mr. New Vegas Mansion

The last Area of the Map takes place infront of Mr. New Vegas Mansion!

Basic information:

Map type: Payload
File name: pl_nighttown_b3
Developer(s): XEnderFaceX

Map Info:

Environment: Las Vegas
Setting: Dusk, cloudy
Deep Water: Yes
Pyrovision: No

Map Items:

Health Kits: Full: 1 Medium: 3 Small: 0
Ammo Boxes: Full: 1 Medium: 2 Small: 2

Thanks to:

Overgrown Props - UEAKCrash
Las Vegas Props - Steaky


This Map is inspired by Fallout: New Vegas
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Last update
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Latest updates

  1. B3

    B3: === Visual: ===== - Removed all Christmas Stuff - Changed Outside Soundscapes - More work on the 3D Skybox - More proper Lighting - Updated the Map Pictures Gameplay: ======== - Lowered the Chakuzi Optimization: ========== - More...
  2. Christmas

    Merry Christmas! Small Update for Nighttown (lasts until 1.01.2019) Changelog: - Changed Building in the middle of the City - Changed Route in the middle of the City - Textured most of the Map - Added Snow Particles - Added Snow Overlays -...
  3. B2

    B2: === Visuals: ======== - Added new Poster - Updated Soundscapes - New SFM Poster Gameplay: ========= - Added Start Voicelines - Increased Spawntime for Blu on Final Point Optimization: ============= - More Textures have Nodraw - More...