Four-team Alphabetical Control Point Holograms

Four-team Alphabetical Control Point Holograms 1.0

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Four-team Alphabetical Control Point Holograms 1.0

Five custom models for TF2C maps by Icarus and Pierogi.

Inspired by Icarus' models and wanting to use them in my own 4-team domination map, I decided to expand on his work by adding the relevant submodels for GRN and YLW.

If you want to do something like this yourself, or edit these models in particular, all you need are:
- VTFEdit to convert between TGA and VTF
- GCFScape (optional) to extract assets used in the game (like other models or textures)
- Image Editor compatable with TGA files (e.g. GIMP)
- Crowbar to decompile models and extract the QC and SMD files
- Notepad++ (or similar editor like notepad, vim, brackets) to edit QC and SMD files
- GUIStudioMDL to recompile the QC and SMD files (including animations!) back into MDL, VVD and VTX files
- Half-Life Model Viewer, included with any TF2 installation in Team Fortress 2/bin/HLMV.exe (really useful to be able to see the models before you boot up the game)

I won't give a full guide on how I did this but if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

One thing to note is that you should have all of the files pertaining to a model in the directory of the MDL file before trying to use crowbar to decompile it, otherwise the animations and body groups will be lost.

Thanks again to Icarus for the idea and about 60% of the textures in this upload. This probably isn't release-ready as I don't know about the copyright on the fonts I've used but that doesn't really bother me at the moment, this was more of a fun and practical way to develop my skills with editing models and textures.

Useful tutorial for crowbar:

Original (by Icarus):
Icarus' profile:

Please note that I did not collaborate with Icarus in making these, I simply added to the work he's already done (kinda like sampling in music, if you will).
Free to use and modify. Credit is appreciated but not required.
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