Ivy Pack v1

Collection of Ivy props in multiple colours

  1. Freyja

    ~~~~~IVY PACK~~~~~
    Version 1.0

    by Freyja


    Place the "Ivy_Pack_v1" folder in Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom\

    If you're installing an updated version, make sure to delete the old version's folder beforehand!


    If you prefer using the 'tf' folder method of installing custom content, or you wish to use an older packing tool such as VIDE, you will need to do this method.
    If you do not know if this method is right for you, it probably isn't, and I would recommend using the above method, as it is much easier.

    Unzip this in a seperate folder, then move everything inside 'Ivy_Pack_v1' folder (the folders '/models/' '/materials/' etc) directly into your '\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\' folder.

    Move the Ivy_zoo.vmf into your preferred vmf folder.

    Make sure the lights-ivy.rad file is in your root /tf/ directory.


    A lights file has been included to make sure the ivy props are compiled with -textureshadows.

    For best appearance, -textureshadows with the custom lights file should be used, otherwise the ivy will cast ugly shadows.

    To use the lights file, make sure it is in your root /tf/ directory, and run VRAD during compile with '-textureshadows -lights lights-ivy.rad'


    Free to use for any non-commercial maps, or deriviatves such as videos, artwork, etc.

    If you submit a map using these assets to the TF2 Workshop, or any other workshop, please include me in the credits.

    It is not permitted to redistribute, reupload and/or modify any assets within this pack without permission from myself.


    This is an extension of the Ivy included within the greek pack. You can install both side by side, but there will be some duplicates. These ones contain more skins and more variations, but will not overwrite the greek pack ones.


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    2. 8yJAGnw.png
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