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  1. Ringo23

    Island (Attack Defense) b1

    The blue team, split into 2 spawns, surrounds an island (which red is defending) with 2 towers, some buildings, and probably too many trees. It is an attack defense map that functions like Gravelpit. I used A Boojum Snark's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack...
  2. Dadema

    Camp a1

    A 5cp map set on an island in autumn.
  3. Pokemaster73

    Port A3

    My second map. Been working on it for about a week and would like some feedback.
  4. LittleRedRobin

    koth_mountainbay_rc4 2017-08-07

    This is a king of the hill map created during a TF2 72HR Jam. The maps location is inside a secret submarine loading bay. This map uses some assets from the Frontline Asset Pack.
  5. Robofrog

    ~A TF2 Summer vacation~ 2017-08-06

    Don't feel like downloading? Check out the album: Submitted for the TF2 72hr Jam!
  6. eighttailedfox

    Mein Mines a5

    Mein Mines is a TugOWar payload map. Set on a small island, once used as a supply base for the Mercs. It's become a hotspot of war. Red vs Blu. Winner takes the supplies. Gamemode Entity work provided by fubar Custom Models from the Frontline Pack.
  7. OctoBlitz

    Project Kronos A7

    Project Kronos: Welcome to Paradise my friends. This is a 3 stage Payload map with emphesis on elevation* and a looming threat that needs to be stopped. As of A1, there is only Stage 1: which takes place on a Shipping yard... Stages 2 and 3 are going to come later, as I want to perfect each...
  8. Numi Longfin

    KOTH_Island A3

    This is my first attempt at a map, and as such it might not be too good. However I would like to get any feedback that i canon this map, thank you very much and enjoy!
  9. Bumbus Bumbi

    Recompiling Old Maps?

    4 years ago, in a class, I made a really bad map called arena_island. Dispite how bad it was, one student in the class saved it, went on to teach the next year, and brought the map with him. He felt very close to this map. Recently, in the last update, the map will no longer run. I do not have...
  10. Rose Snowflake

    KOTH_Waddenzee Alpha v

    King of the hill Waddenzee is a water/island themed koth map. The point is situated on a raised island, accessable from one of 4 bridges. Either side of the point has a town which meets up with both red and blu bases. Bases are connected by an underground tunnel.
  11. hurtcules

    Koth_RocketIsland A1

    Very early playable build of Koth_RocketIsland Core Design features - Symmetrical map design - Spawn room windows, facing each other - Water surrounding level - Multiple spawn room path flows Players fight for control on an island rocket base disguised as a lighthouse marine bay. Red and blue...