Beachside Factory (72 Hour Jam Version) B2

My 72 Hour Jam Submission.

  1. Smg065
    Nothing screams 'Hot, Summer Fun' like hard labor in an unventilated factory! That's why for this 2019 summer jam, we decided that tropical trees, sandy shores and fun in the sun could ONLY be improved by tampering with nature and spitting in the face of it's beauty.

    20190805044457_1.jpg 20190805044509_1.jpg

    Swim in the only slightly contaminated waters! Pass out from heat exhaustion on the main factory floor! Meet a horrifying end through one of our several workplace hazards! What's in the crates? Why put a factory on an island under the jurisdiction of Canadian Law? Don't worry about it.

    20190805044408_1.jpg 20190805044418_1.jpg 20190805044355_1.jpg 20190805044426_1.jpg

    Note: I had a lot of fun making this, and it was a blast to see how much I improved. I might work more on this map later on to give it the polish it likely needs, though I'm proud of it as is. If there was anything I took from it, it's that I should avoid using func_tracktrain in the future because Source doesn't know how to make them rotate without it clipping into people, and no one knows how to fix it.

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