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KOTH_Island A3

A large sky based koth map (WIP)

This is my first attempt at a map, and as such it might not be too good. However I would like to get any feedback that i canon this map, thank you very much and enjoy!
Numi Longfin
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Currently broken

    Im not sure why, but the game will crash when the announcer says anything. So i removed the control point, currently it is just a map to look around at. Im sorry for the inconvineince and am working to fix the issue.
  2. pics

  3. Island update

    Lots of stuff added/fixed and changed. the cave under the point has placeholder textures dont worry. Known bugs: Mainly bot related, Blu team bots will not move no matter what I do. Bots who fall in the water will drown (they cant figure out...