Project Kronos A7

"Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty!"

  1. OctoBlitz
    Project Kronos: Welcome to Paradise my friends.

    This is a 3 stage Payload map with emphesis on elevation* and a looming threat that needs to be stopped.

    As of A1, there is only Stage 1: which takes place on a Shipping yard...

    Stages 2 and 3 are going to come later, as I want to perfect each stage before moving onto the next, so please be patient with the development of all 3 stages.

    Things I know that are wrong with the map:
    • poor lighting in some areas due to skybox (W.I.P)
    • dark in some indoor areas due to missing lights (will be fixed in A2)
    • Some areas have unavoidable chokepooints that need to be adressed (W.I.P)
    • Sniper Sightlines being too great (estimated to be fixed by A2)
    • Little health, and a slight overabundence in Ammo... (Will be adressed in A2)
    • *Not enough height variation as of yet (W.I.P)
    • No Cowbell...
    Hope you enjoy the map! It took me 2 YEARS just to get to this point...


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