Desertland v1

MvM Map Developer Version

  1. Vermelho
    First mvm map I created, there is support for tanks, engineerbots, sniperbots and spybots.

    Included are single player MvM waves.
    Put it in the custom folder: tf / custom / [here]

    To create waves, modify a few things:
    Tank Path 1: tankpath_2_5
    Tank Path 2: tankpath_1_1
    Spawn Bot: spawbot
    Engi Spot: engi_1, engi_2...
    Sniper Spot: sniper_spot1, sniper_spot2... 20190828112136_1.jpg 20190828112246_1.jpg 20190828112256_1.jpg 20190828112400_1.jpg 20190828112409_1.jpg 20190828112418_1.jpg 20190828112427_1.jpg 20190828112436_1.jpg