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  1. Capybara Maps

    Tf2 Water with no drowning Effect

    Hello all. So I got back into Hammer a little bit (use Hammer ++ for this). I want to create a map where the drowning damage stays away from the water, that you can stay underwater infinitely long. I first used Trigger_Hurt for this, which is satisfactory but not perfect, as the player still...
  2. Ðoge

    Empty map file, after windows blue screen error

    I were making map for more than week to participate in upcoming contest. Finished on 40%. Due my unorganazing didn't create copies of versions. There is no auto saves and vmx is also empty. But the file size is sill there. Can somebody help me to some how restore, open or extract map from...

    koth_coldline b2.5

    ColdLine is a king of the hill map made especially for christmas, containing 3 routes to get to the point, at the point features a sneaky path under the bridge with a medium health pack Thanks for all feedback. steam workshop gamebanana
  4. ᴶᵘˢᵗ ᵃ ᴳᵃᵐᵉʳ

    Looking for some miscellaneous maps.

    I really would like some maps based around looking good or just made to be explored and fit the TF2 artstyle but all I can find are trade and Gmod maps that don't fit the artstyle. Does anyone know some good, quality maps that fit this?
  5. TheAmaz1ngStopSign

    i cant place anythin using brush :(

    copying works but i cant place anything using brush
  6. Gay Sugar

    I'm having trouble placing props (prop_static)

    Hello, i'm making a map with hammer and when i go to browse world models when the window opens up it loads fully, but i cant click on anything at all. Its kinda like its frozen or something, does anyone know how to fix this?
  7. Reversed |TRADEIT.GG|

    I need help, im new to hammer

    im stuck in one view in Hammer, could somebody help me?
  8. Eishaaya

    All new props won't show up

    I spawned in a heap of new props in my newest hammer session, and ran the map to test...the props weren't there. I also removed some props and edited and vehicle's movement path, that didn't work in game either. I ran it again, still no props. I checked if the props were all prop_static, they...
  9. Captain Cactus

    Map becomes fullbright on compile

    I started using Compile Pal because I needed to pack some custom assets into my map. Whenever I do a fast compile the lighting seems to work just fine, but when I do a publish compile it's all fullbright despite having a light_environment and multiple regular lights. Here's my compile log...
  10. Z

    kinda buggy skybox

    the skybox is enables you to see through a wall and its not supposed to. the first picture is from the outside and the second one is from where im looking at in the first
  11. SirGoldalot

    TC map project, (I need feedback and possibly help)

    I want my next mapping endeavor to evolve for more people than just myself, meaning I wanted to do a non ordinary map idea, a cool and interesting theme, and tackle a problem facing tf2, so I decided I wanted to fix territorial control... sounds daunting THINGS I WANTED TO KEEP -only 2...
  12. TylowStar

    Accidentally deleted grid size change shortcut

    As in, the buttons in the top left corner that quickly change grid sizes. Is there any way for me to get them back? I am aware that you can change grid size in the "map" menu, but that is arduous when you need to change sizes on the fly.
  13. Mazata

    Where do I post my work for the jam if I started early?

    As said in the title, I started early (I was allowed to, ask Viod) and I want to post my work on the website but I dont know where to post it, please help me!
  14. DirectKEK

    Applying Textures Don't Work

    (I am completely new to this, and have absolutely no experience in map making whatsoever. Please disregard anything stupid I say.) So, I made a block, chose a texture, and hit enter. The block did not get a new texture, it just went from a blue frame to yellow. help
  15. Scampi

    Curious issue with Compile Pal

    Hello again. I've recently started to use compile pal with my smaller mapping projects, and it's really quite something. Now that I've gotten it to pack custom content automatically, it's glorious. However, there's a pretty glaring issue I'm having with it so far that prevents me from using it...
  16. Scampi

    Displacements refuse to sew

    It seems I can almost never get any displacements I touch to sew. The command might as well be magic to me. Even worse, at the moment I'm in a tight spot. I've got this panel on my zeppelin that refuses to join with its neighbors. If it can't be joined, I might as well just delete most of the...
  17. Scampi

    How to proceed...

    Right then. I'm making a TF2-detailed zeppelin map (probably for SFM or gmod use) and I'm using the large airship from the Frontline Asset pack as a reference for the hull shape. I'm giving it a full interior with as much detail as possible, so just using the model isn't an option. I need to...
  18. pasta masta

    detail props dosen't work

    "0...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9.Error! Too many detail props emitted on this map! (64K max!)n" i think this mai error 1."Too many detail props emitted on this map! (64K max!)n" this alert mean 'you must have under 64000 detail props' right? 2."prop_detail" add on that count?
  19. Scampi

    Two Questions:

    Greetings! I'm finishing my map, cp_chateau_event, a halloween variant of cp_steel. Go ahead and have a gander at it. It's just about done, and I would like to submit it for testing soon, but there are two things I'd like to clear up first. 1. Am I allowed to call it cp_chateau_event, or...
  20. corpsgrinder360

    My water in my map makes a leak and is invisible [Fixed somehow]

    all water brushes that touch others make them invisible unless under water. I did make a cube map because underwater is a missing texture which i didn't like. I had also made a water.lod.control but kept everything default. Now my map looks like crap because of this ;/ any help would be...