Special Delivery - Elevator (No Rocket) Gamemode Prefab 2021-08-17

Doomsday's Elevator for SD Maps

  1. Fault in Maps
    As great as the ABS prefabs are, I felt the Special Delivery prefab was lacking. I feel SD_Doomsday works well because it mixes CP and CTF by forcing the flag carrier to hold a point for some time. ABS doesn't have this 'hold,' instead giving the player a free win on cap. Great for Invade CTF, but not Special Delivery (in my opinion). This should alleviate that insta-cap issue.

    This is the logic from SD_Doomsday, cut down to most of its barebone elements. The rocket has been removed, replaced by a tower. Other minor changes have been made, mostly to prevent the elevator_touch_test logic from firing while the elevator is static on the ends of the track. Personal tests have worked fine, and I will update if I notice any issues while I develop my own map.

    Use at your own risk, and good luck!


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