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Hybrid CTF/Koth Example 2019-08-02

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Hybrid CTF/Koth Example 2019-08-02

Cap a point that does something dynamic during a hectic game of ctf!

A hybrid gamemode of koth and ctf! Shown off in my latest map ctf_ashworks, i figured separating out the logic of it could be cool for anyone who'd like to use it!

-Capture the intel 3 times to win.
-Capping the point moves some dynamic object, I made it open a nice path for the attackers, but you could even require the point to be capped to open up the flag at all (could hurt backcappers though)
-Capping adds a minute to the time, for a max of 12 minutes
-When the timer ends, whoever capped more will win
-Having the point and a tied score does not grant your team a win

The HUD is unique, instead of a typical view, it displays the current points per team with capture points, in order to use the attack/defend CTF layout. It looks like this (it's a picture in ctf_ashworks_a1a):

Feel free to ask any questions! No I didn't look into whether this had already been done before (probably should have), but it was a fun little project for me to start learning some logic. If you guys have any questions, feels free to message me or comment and I'll answer them!

And yes, this took me like 4 hours. I'm bad at logic :p
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