Multiple Flag Bot Issues

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    So, I'm making a map on a game mode I call MCTF, or Multiple Capture The Flag, where there are 3 different Intel rooms with 3 different intels. When one team captures the intelligence, the flag that was capped is disabled, and the next cap opens up. When the Intel is capped 3 times, the team that capped it wins. The game mode works perfectly, though my issues are with bot compatibility. You see, when I spawn bots with a nav mesh generated, the bots function perfectly until one team has capped the enemy team. When trying to return the Intel, the bots always go for the first Intel room instead of the obvious open room, even with the cap zone disabled! I deduced that the issue was with the nav mesh, as the bots still think that the now restricted area is open still, and since that cap is the closest, they go for that one. As such, I need to figure out a way to edit the mesh so that bots know they can't go to the first cap once the enemy has at least 1 cap on them. I know how to pull up the editor, but I'm stuck on the method I should use to block it off. How do I do it?