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  1. Captain Cactus

    Hut a2

    My first complete map, just a basic king of the hill. The control point is in a hut, or at least it's gonna be a hut after it's textured.
  2. Skylark

    dev2 0.3

    Dev textures without text plus light/dark extras for red and blu. Download .zip and move the dev2 folder into your tf/custom folder, be sure to pack when releasing. Included textures: - 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% (with and without text) - black - white - grey - dirt - grass -...
  3. Flareblood

    CP_Eggbasket a4 but fixed i hope

    Hopefully this time I'm actually learning how to make a decent map. I think I'm also figuring out how to make some height variation now. Might be a bit underscaled, but let's just see.
  4. Flareblood

    cp_breezy_a2 cp_breezy_a2_fix

    Alpha 2
  5. Flareblood

    cp_breezy_a1 2018-07-20

    My second map. Decided to start on a new map. Sorry for no pictures. Hoping to get feedback on this one as well.
  6. LLamaManners

    koth_manners alpha 1.1

    First map, very bad.. it's still a dev map. please critic my map.
  7. Trippey

    koth_Angle A1

    A small and simple koth map.
  8. HOI

    jump_yump final

    There are 20 jumps in total. Course 1 is very easy (T1) and has 11 jumps. Course 2 is quite easy (T2) and has 7 jumps. Bonus 1 is difficult (T3.5?) and bonus 2 is very hard (T4.5?). I hope to get this on Tempus, feedback will be appreciated c:
  9. +200 pings

    dev textures ain't showing up

    when i type the filter "dev" it's not showing any dev textures except blue and red dev textures why?
  10. FloofCollie

    Tomfoolery A2

    This is my first ever playable map! Inspired by another custom map, CP Indulge, this is a Sawmill-themed stormy alpine map that's still in the dev texture stage. Despite being an entry for the 72hour jam, it was actually made in around 6 hours. It, uh... it shows.
  11. [EIST] Tf2Master :3

    Fortline A2

    Well, I'm very excited to present my second map made for tf2. It was a painful path of learning because I worked a lot with the goldsource and I don't know much about Source engine. Well let's talk about the map. Story: Blue attacks a Red fort with a lot of ammunition supplies, Red forces must...
  12. [EIST] Tf2Master :3

    Cubemaps and light error/bug?

    Okay, so I'm here with a little problem that (maybe) is something I did wrong because I'm new into mapping to source (usually I mapped a lot in gldsrc), so.. the problem is that when I was working in this map everything in the lights were fine until I build the cubemaps. Then the lights started...
  13. Kyzer

    [7/16/19] Kyzer's DevTex Pack - Dark Nodraws F4

    Screenshots: This pack is kept updated periodically. =================================================== Update F3.2: devtex/toolsnodraw_black devtex/toolsnodraw_transparent (SEE NOTE!) NOTE: nodraw_transparent LEAKS!!! Do not use it to seal a map! It's intended to be used so you can...
  14. Twist.vmf

    koth_power_feud a9a

    red and blu fight over a power plant who will win?...i don't know....probably red. any and all feedback is greatly appreciated a9a special edition: NEW MID!!! anyway! on to the update so the map is getting no improvement... until now! + Complete remake of mid + No more pointless jumping...
  15. Trippey

    koth_keep A6

    Second Koth Tf2 Map: Focusing more on gameplay with A versions being all dev textures. I have plans to detail the map once the game play and layout is figured out.
  16. latios95

    Arena_Madcap 2016-07-04

    The arena version of my map : dm_madcap. I hope you appreciate it.
  17. Shad0w__

    CTF Incredible 2016-06-18

    SCREENSHOTS ARE ON THE STEAM WORKSHOP PAGE This map is like cp_orange, but instead is CTF. It is more camp friendly, meaning alot of sentry spots and sniper spots. Although this map isn't just for engineers and snipers, this map plays well with all classes. I based the layout on Quake levels...