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Randomgen A3

The Map That Randomly Generates Itself Every Round!

Just what it says! Using logic_case, this map is made from chunks of func_brushes that are randomly selected so that each round is different! (Map is mirrored too) No need to use a program beforehand!

It's more of a proof-of-concept for an idea I have, so the layouts don't vary much in height and are all pretty terrible, but this is the first time I've really messed with logic so uh

Have fun?
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Latest updates

  1. Small stuff

    Nicer sky, there are now segments beneath the Control Point which means there could be a route underneath (there's a small health kit there too!) and soundscapes for some reason
  2. Early Overhaul

    A lot of changes I'm cramming in before it gets playtested! Added cinematic "scramble" effect showing the segments randomizing. There's also a new window in the spawnrooms to see it from! Added second level of random segments for more height...