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  1. Weed Cat

    koth_ramps a2

    This is my first TF2 map and my first use of hammer. Enjoy my janky little world.
  2. Kiglirs

    Kaelir a13

    My 1st attempt at doing a map that is good in competitive and in pub, and in a V shape. I'll see how it goes! Also includes hot water and a cliff over the sea I'm still not good at description, i'll change it later, i promise
  3. 24Boi

    The TF2 Smissmas 2021 experience! 2021-12-20

    View: Holiday Punch and gun into Smissmas Casual! First time into the 72Hour Jam! Decided to do a gameplay video of Smissmas 2021 Casual. This is why I still play TF2, A timeless classic Enjoy! Music used: -Dota 2 Frostivus Theme Song -Dance of the...
  4. Gluten

    Dataremake A6

    I tried to do a fun koth map, one of my first experience with hammer. The name contain "remake" because it was meant to be a remake I tried to do a while ago but in the end I kept nothing from the original one. Anyways, that's my first upload here and I hope you'll enjoy the map.
  5. bajablink

    koth_bump A2 as bsp

    I tried to make the most casual map possible. It succeeded greatly.
  6. SB379

    Newtron a2a

    Casual KOTH map with a safe flank and no man's land mid. There are plenty of safe spaces for engineers, open spaces and ramps for jumpers, power positions. It's my attempt to make a fun map that is tight for chaotic battles, but still with enough safe spaces to not be over chaotic.
  7. NTMonsty

    Fruitland 2 B4

    In a city that combines the architectural styles of New York, London, Hong Kong, and Lego City, an Urban mall has been the target of an attack from the crate-making companies, leading to RED and BLU discovering the potential for city-wide domination in just this one mildly vandalized urban...
  8. cooljpeg

    Vineland A1

    A King of the Hill map based in a grove of redwood trees that has become home to a timber-inspired feud between two notorious subsidiaries of TF Industries. With the Capture Point placed atop the stump of a redwood, this map is designed around the idea of (quite literally) fighting an uphill...
  9. SilviaFox

    Foxtrot A2

    This map is really early in development, all feedback is appreciated! So, basically this is a 5cp map where the last 2 points on either side are around the same area so that the action is very quick and jam packed. I just really wanted to make something casual and fun rather than competitive...
  10. x d d d d d d d

    koth_albrucke A1

    Fight for the control of the BLU and RED facilities that are in the middle of the Albrucke Forest. Rollout with your team. Capture the point inside the warehouse that's in the middle of the map, hold it for 4 minutes to win. Flank your enemies through the BLU and RED facilities surrounding...
  11. MrFlovi

    ctf_depot b1

    A Capture the Flag map I am making with the goal to make it fun but not too stalemate prone and maybe competitively viable?... This map was previously called ctf_office_test_v2 I'll write a cool description later. :p Also if you like to follow my progress on this map (which you probably don't)...
  12. disckord

    cp_playground b1

    A castle themed symmetrical 3cp map. The red and blu sides are competing for ownership over old castle land. The red side with their down to earth preservative practices, and the blu side, with their industrial, business orientated commercial practices. Who will take ownership? (as of beta 1...
  13. Not Big Surprise

    Small Factory (KOTH) A1

    Featuring everything that my other map, "cp Big Factory" (until alpha 3) but with the King Of The Hill gamemode.
  14. Masier_koniak

    casual a1

    Map not meant for players. It's here for suggestions only, so thanks for one
  15. Not Big Surprise

    Big Factory (temporary name) A3

    Before judging, this is my first map. I don't want to sound childish, but everyone has to start somewhere. I tried to make it so every class has at least one specific role. For example, the middle point is great for jumping classes, yet it can be reached by any other class. Central control...
  16. FishyUberMuffin

    How Do You Play Casual Mode?

    How do you play casual mode? I play casual very casual, if i see the team is losing that I am on. I head off to go into a new game until I get into a game where we are not losing. I always see playing casual should be nice and peaceful and not stressful. Why should I stay in a game where we are...
  17. Carterius

    HOW TO CASUAL TF2: A guide on how to get good 2017-08-06

    This is useful for the people that want to know (in a more shitposting manner) about how to get better in Casual TF2 matchmaking. It has tips about: Maps Classes Strategies And many more...
  18. Jusa

    Can not connect to casual if both players in the party are connecting through the same network.

    After the recent halloween updates we havent been able to connect to a casual match through the match making system with two computers connected to the same network. After the system finds a game and our clients start connecting to the server one of us always gets the competive matchmaking...
  19. Joshenkstone

    All TF2 casual levels.

  20. shadowslasher11

    US CASUAL - Friday Freakout: May 6th

    TF2 MAPS US CASUAL When? May 6th 5:00PM EST (9:00PM GMT) Where? US Server: Rotation: Closed! Map List|Download CP Furnace Creek|TF2M TC Meridian|TF2M TC Atlantic|GB CTF Aerospace|GB CTF Frosty|Steam Workshop CTF Vector|TF2M CTF Haarp|TF2M Submitting: Post a reply...