Vineland A1

A KotH map based in the Sierra Nevadas; designed for casual and competitive play.

  1. cooljpeg
    A King of the Hill map based in a grove of redwood trees that has become home to a timber-inspired feud between two notorious subsidiaries of TF Industries.

    With the Capture Point placed atop the stump of a redwood, this map is designed around the idea of (quite literally) fighting an uphill battle—each side situated on a long, steady incline towards the point that encourages coordinated play and surprise appearances. While the layout is designed with highlander play in mind, the map is very much accessible for casual play

    Would love to hear any feedback whatsoever, I'm super super excited to see what people think and how people play in it!


    Special Thanks to:
    - Dr. Spud for their Landfall Assets!
    - EArkham for their Giant Sequoia Trees!
    - fubarFX for their Mirrored Rocks!
    - The generous denizens of the TF2Maps Discord!

    Enjoy! :D:p


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