ctf_depot b1

My first map that's I plan to polish and finish.

  1. MrFlovi
    A Capture the Flag map I am making with the goal to make it fun but not too stalemate prone and maybe competitively viable?...
    This map was previously called ctf_office_test_v2
    I'll write a cool description later. :p
    Also if you like to follow my progress on this map (which you probably don't): https://trello.com/b/l8C3c8Q3/tf2-map-ctfoffice

    People that directly or indirectly helped me make this map:
    - A Boojum Snark (libraries and stuff)
    - Invalid Nick (dewm textures)
    - boomsta (Bonk and Coffee Machine props, cheese shop props, shop cash register)
    - Gadget (Railroad Tracks)
    - Rexy (File Cabinets, Computer screen bank, Switchboard)
    - Void (Computer screen bank)
    - Acumen (Chair, Office Stool)
    - Ravidge (Plastic Bucket)
    - DrSquishy (Just really helpful ok)
    - The rest on this site here because I had some problems but you guys are awesome and solved it!


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