Big Factory (temporary name) A3

A map to make every class useful in at least one scenario.

  1. Not Big Surprise
    Before judging, this is my first map. I don't want to sound childish, but everyone has to start somewhere.

    I tried to make it so every class has at least one specific role. For example, the middle point is great for jumping classes, yet it can be reached by any other class.
    Central control point

    The next point is great for defense classes. There are two main engineer spots, both reachable by spies, and both can be spammed.
    RED's control point #1
    Cover on BLU's first control point. This spot works perfectly to stop, plan, or make pushes.

    The last point has a large sightline, so Scouts are excelent to capture.
    BLU's last control point

    There are also rooms in the central control point that act as flanking routes and provide cover to hurt classes.
    This building provides cover, along with health, ammo, and a Teleporter spot. Aditionally, jumping classes can reach easily medium health and ammo packs to make rollouts easier.

    And lastly, a vertical view of the map.

    Don't worry, my next map might be more competitively viable. Even 2fort is more competitively vialble. That's not a bad thing for me, but it might be for some of you.

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