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Kaelir a13

V-shaped 5CP map themed on an Icelandic geothermal plant

My 1st attempt at doing a map that is good in competitive and in pub, and in a V shape. I'll see how it goes! Also includes hot water and a cliff over the sea

I'm still not good at description, i'll change it later, i promise
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. Kaelir a13

    Changelog: - Reworked last highground - Reworked 2nd bridge access - Added new entrance to 2nd from 2nd/mid lobby - Mid healthpack is now medium
  2. Kaelir a12

    Changelog: - Fixed observer points showing enemy zones - Changed last defender respawn time and capture speed of last - Added a lot of props (maybe a bit too randomly)
  3. Kaelir a11

    Changelog: - Reworked small water lobby on last (because of blocking new h++ feature, had to rework) - Added a new route from water lobby - Fixed spawntimes - Added some player clips