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  1. freedom

    Landlock Ridge A2B

    Landlock Ridge - a 5cp map in the theme of Badlands New screenshots coming soon. Battle over a pretty cool bridge then move on to the enemy base because LAND! Also something about proving your worth, but most importantly LAND! LAND! LAND! Also, with the land you can probably make a new city or...
  2. KrazyZark

    Coldlands rc3

    End of the line prop pack by Fr0Z3nR SnowyCoast prop pack by EArkham Snow cat model by Square Xmas Calenders by Void Xmas health and ammo by Rexy Christmas lights (move_rope) by Bakscratch Candy cane model by Rexy Badlands Spire (Alpine) biskuu and reskin by me Krazy Rotating Air Intake by Apom...
  3. JargonJC

    Sandblast a2

    A map I made over the course of a month, I got carried away with detailing... Anyhow, this map presents a unique challenge to either team: hold the point with potential attacks coming from all directions! Plenty of flanks allow for both teams to get behind each other, and a large amount of the...
  4. Monke

    Updraft A1

    Introducing Koth_Updaft! Ever want to bounce and catapult across a King of the Hill Map? Well now you can! Blending the "Jump-Pads" of the passtime gamemode with the King of the Hill play-style, Updraft majors in vertical mountains and treacherous pits! Do you have what it takes to survive a...
  5. P

    Hydraulic A2

    I know I'm making lots of maps. But since I got hacked in end of August, I lost every saves from my older projects. So the only thing I got back is this cramped map. Try to enjoy it This is an symmetrical map I've made last week. Inspired of Swiftwater.
  6. lambdafallout125

    CP_Brika b5

    presenting probably the finest map i've ever made for team fortress 2 CP_BRICKA (yes i know thats kinda a weird name but im too lazy to change that so deal with it :/) anyway this attack and defend map uses the gravelpit variantof cp attack/defend, in other words: A+B=C pretty simple right? yep...
  7. TF2CutContent

    Model Looking for cut Badlands props.

    -snip, quitting-
  8. biskuu

    Badlands Spire (Alpine) 2016-02-29

    Wouldn't mind being credited, but do as you wish. This prop was made for use on the pro version of Badlands which can be found here.