sequia (stage 1)

Multi Stage sequia (stage 1) a12

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Multi Stage sequia (stage 1) a12

quick pl concept I thought of for a first stage

Wanted to practice with the vertex tool to make a less blocky map and I think I did good. Right now it's onlt the first stage and the name is temporary. I have no idea of what theme to make it and no clue of what to do for the next stage(s). Yay! This is also my second submission for the Back to Basics contest.
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More downloads from Capp

  • Zinc (V2)
    Zinc (V2)
    Industrial PD map with a dynamic, sliding control point
  • Methane
    Zinc? Player Destruction? Never heard of it, this is koth_methane and you've never seen it before.
  • Gator Lake
    Gator Lake
    they're actually crocodiles but the authorities don't need to know that
  • Zinc (Old version)
    Zinc (Old version)
    industrial pd map that will get you high in the air
  • (72hr) Boiler
    (72hr) Boiler
    my submission for the 2021 winter 72hr jam

Latest updates

  1. a12

    -extended the distance between the bridge and B courtyard -added some cover to last for red -added some easier access to routes to last for blue -changed the ambiance and ambient configs
  2. a11 update

    You've had enough, I've had enough. Half the map has now been redone. Now there is no such thing as a nasty, unavoidable sightline between a and b there also is no such thing as a C point and thus no forward spawn to compensate for how hard...
  3. a10 update

    to make testing more effective, the stages have been seperated into different downloads. some structural changes to last to try and give blue some advantages. added a forward spawn to blu after b is captured. b was moved back a bit.