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  1. spruce

    Dachsnel A4

    Small linear 3 Points A/D Conceived and released in under 16 hours Map signature: "One of our employees ordered five times more arrow signs than necessary" Number of times last has been reworked: [2] Notes: The map might be chokier than it needs to be Changed All buildings were made first...
  2. Yrr

    Generic Smissmas/Winter signs 2022-11-05

    Generic smissmas/winter versions of various signs from Badlands May update this download with more if people have suggestions for more signs sign_smissmas001 - "Snow Plow" variant of Zippy Plow sign sign_smissmas002 - "Red Peaks Mountaineering" variant of Red Valley Mining sign sign_smissmas003...
  3. Linxy

    Particles appearing in 3D skybox when it's not supposed to.

    I'm working on a halloween version of badlands (koth) for me and a friend, and I added the hammer_souls_rising particle about 460 units above the capture point, but for some reason they also appear off in the distance where the 3D skybox is placed outside the map. I tried raising the skybox in...
  4. Ismaciodismorphus

    sky_badlands_easter 12/3/2021

    Extract contents into your tf/custom folder Fixed version of sky_badlands_pyrolands intended for an easter themed map Skybox name is sky_badlands_easter
  5. Sonoma

    Instagib: Badlands a2

    Arena Badlands converted to the new Instagib gamemode by Le Codex Instagib Prefab |
  6. G

    koth_mannshack v2

    A small king of the hill map (24 player maximum). This is my second map, so I tried to add a lot more thing than the previous one.
  7. HelloThere

    mvm_koth_badlands B1

    After nearly a year of hiatus, I'm finally back as promised! After constantly on and off developing many MVM conversions of different gamemodes, I believe I've finally achieved a somewhat stable, yet extremely difficult Mann Vs Machine version of the KOTH gamemode, MVM-KOTH! In this gamemode...
  8. zythe_

    zythe_mc11 a1

    main concept was the 3 layered tower in the middle, kind of ended up not knowing what to put around it, so you get a box.
  9. Dasprucegoose

    canyonplant a4

    RED and BLU have built rival factories wedged between the walls of a canyon, located just North of the Badwater Pipeline. The two competing teams have both dominated most of the canyon, and only a small platform in between the two fortresses remains untouched.
  10. SunriseWatchWater

    Badlands Fall RC1

    - A 5CP Control Point map with an autumn theme. I'm made of anyone through this nice everywhere never word ago wonder hope with a map good luck. Custom Assets: The Frontline Pack Fall Oak Trees by Void Badlands Spire (Alpine) by biskuu Leaf Particles by Exactol Special Thanks: Original map...
  11. HelloThere

    vipkoth_badlands v1

    A VIP x KOTH version of koth_badlands for TF2 Classic! Carry your VIP to the capture point and try to keep it under control! But if your VIP dies, your team will be punished by adding 30 seconds to their timer! Complete with a nav mesh to support bots.
  12. Potato Masher

    Handover A3

    After 3 years of procrastination, here's my first functional A1 map, Handover. Handover is a King of the Hill map set in a small shipping yard out in the Badlands. Presumably the trains carry in weapons and ammo for the mercs to use elsewhere; looks like they couldn't wait for 2 day shipping...
  13. Emil_Rusboi

    Tumble b0 Short

    Original map - Tumb2k19 by Tumby Tumble - asymmetrical arena map where you fight for the Power Station in the middle of the dried desert.
  14. Capp

    Multi Stage sequia (stage 1) a12

    Wanted to practice with the vertex tool to make a less blocky map and I think I did good. Right now it's onlt the first stage and the name is temporary. I have no idea of what theme to make it and no clue of what to do for the next stage(s). Yay! This is also my second submission for the Back to...
  15. n8five484

    Unravel dummy test

    Unravel is a standard KOTH map taking influence from Bagel and Badlands with the bridge taken from Badlands at a slanted angle and its theme also taken directly from Badlands. Made (potentially) for the Back-2-Basics Contest.
  16. (⊙ω⊙) Mr.Cat

    Minimalands 2019-08-03

    I thought for a long time about what I should draw, design or create. After a little thought, I decided to make a minimized Badlands map, which consists of teufort, dustbowl, gravelpit, etc. This is a Detailed, but one can say compact re-drawing of an existing map from Valve. I tried to keep the...
  17. Yoshark

    Multi Stage cp_nuzzles s3_a1

    Development name, not finalized. A multi-staged A/D map with only one layout section developed. Going for a dustbowl style of map, but less chokey and more fun. Yes I know its a bit over detailed for an alpha, I initially started work on this as primary a detailing project rather than gameplay.
  18. freedom

    Landlock Ridge A2B

    Landlock Ridge - a 5cp map in the theme of Badlands New screenshots coming soon. Battle over a pretty cool bridge then move on to the enemy base because LAND! Also something about proving your worth, but most importantly LAND! LAND! LAND! Also, with the land you can probably make a new city or...
  19. KrazyZark

    Coldlands rc3

    End of the line prop pack by Fr0Z3nR SnowyCoast prop pack by EArkham Snow cat model by Square Xmas Calenders by Void Xmas health and ammo by Rexy Christmas lights (move_rope) by Bakscratch Candy cane model by Rexy Badlands Spire (Alpine) biskuu and reskin by me Krazy Rotating Air Intake by Apom...
  20. JargonJC

    Sandblast a2

    A map I made over the course of a month, I got carried away with detailing... Anyhow, this map presents a unique challenge to either team: hold the point with potential attacks coming from all directions! Plenty of flanks allow for both teams to get behind each other, and a large amount of the...