Mojave rc

by Hanz

  1. Hanz
    CP Mojave
    By Hannes "Hanz" Tirez

    Managing to pick up the 2nd place in the CP contest of TF2Maps, Mojave features an attack/defend control point map with 2 control points on both the stages it provides. All 4 control points offer different playstyles and strategies to make the map as fun and diverse as possible.
    Mojave is set in a desert environment, inspired by Badlands and more. BLUE starts their adventure fighting through a small mining village, and works their way towards the RED underground basement, which is full of stockpiled stuff and... an elevator!

    Mojave now also has an _event version which is basicly Mojave B2 with a halloween theme!

    All feedback is welcome, and opinions as well!

    Thanks to:

    TF2Maps, Hampshire Heavies, The Cafe and 2f2f for playtesting
    Selentic for setting up 6v6 playtests
    And a big thanks as well to DaBeatzProject for letting me use his artpass_dabeatzproject skybox and for giving me lots of feedback and useful tips!
    Ravage for helping me a lot with the _event version, without him I wouldn't be able to finish this version in time! So huge thanks to him!


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Recent Reviews

  1. Gravidea
    Version: rc
    Pretty awesome map, and I love the theming! I enjoy it when multi-stage maps limit it to 2 stages. I played this map more than a few times on a pub server I moderate with 30-32 players at a time, and I believe it works pretty well with many players. The only shame is that it seems more often than not, we never got to the second stage. Not sure if this means the map's catered towards the Defenders, or if it was simply a coincidence and the Attackers were having a bad time. Either way, it's a lovely map!
  2. Anonymous
    Version: rc
    Nice lighting!
    But the map is too small...
  3. Yellow
    Version: rc
    Played during the 4v4 UGC league back in the spring season. Pretty neat map but is very small and wouldn't work well in a pub setting I feel.

    The outside lighting really hurts my eyes and gives me a headache, but I am not accounting for that in the rating because the lighting is suppose to be like that.