Minimalands 2019-08-03

Map "Badlands" in the style of minimalism

  1. (⊙ω⊙) Mr.Cat
    I thought for a long time about what I should draw, design or create. After a little thought, I decided to make a minimized Badlands map, which consists of teufort, dustbowl, gravelpit, etc. This is a Detailed, but one can say compact re-drawing of an existing map from Valve. I tried to keep the countertop and shabby of this card, because of this it looks at least a little like the original, I hope you like it!

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  1. Dactir / #PrayForKyoani
    Dactir / #PrayForKyoani
    Version: 2019-08-03
    For the history of the TF2 world it is very interesting