Sandblast a2

A compact but paradoxically open map, both teams have almost unlimited access to any area within.

  1. JargonJC
    A map I made over the course of a month, I got carried away with detailing...

    Anyhow, this map presents a unique challenge to either team: hold the point with potential attacks coming from all directions! Plenty of flanks allow for both teams to get behind each other, and a large amount of the roof areas are accessible and usable!

    Return to the badlands once more, full of gravel, malcontent, and squabbles of infinite importance. After all, the sand is just small gravel, right?

    Good luck in the sands, and don't get blasted!

    20180208080440_1.jpg 20180208080452_1.jpg 20180208080531_1.jpg