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First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

More downloads from ArtZ

  • Reactive
    Hydro/Power plant themed 3CP control king map with mirror symmetry.
  • Glow
    72hr Jam 2023 Glow
    4-point payload map set at night in the desert.
  • Coaltrench
    Desert/coalmine themed king of the hill map with rotational symmetry.
  • Pinerock
    2CP attack/defense map focused on open gameplay featuring pine trees and rocks.
  • Overlook
    A small king of the hill map with mirror symmetry.

Latest updates

  1. Alpha 6A

    Fixed clipping on top of buildings around BLU spawn and on top of the spawn itself Disabled dynamic shadows on some walls and slightly thickened others around the map Raised fence in A courtyard
  2. Alpha 6

    Capturing A will now fill the timer to 6 minutes instead of adding 6 more minutes Shrunk corner with barrels and pallets near BLU spawn Raised middle route into area before B onto a covered balcony Lowered far route into B, moved doorway back...
  3. Alpha 5

    Revamped BLU spawn interior to make it less complex Lowered setup time from 80 to 70 seconds Removed one way window inside minor route connected to main route to A Retextured BLU upper forward spawn exit to be neutral Moved entrance to minor...