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Caldera rc3


Made in collaboration with @Emil_Rusboi

5CP attack/defense map inspired by steel with the final point inside a volcano. Why would anyone build a base inside an active volcano? Don't know.

- @scrly for brushwork scrlyguns visible at A
- @Niro for continued feedback on clipping
- @Kube for elevator capture point prefab
- frontline pack contributors
First release
Last update
Steeltype CP

Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. RC3

    Applied feedback from ETF2L preseason cup, thank you for all the suggestions Changed geometry on B Added scaffolding next to the point, allowing Blu players to approach Red highground Redid Red forward spawn, Blu players are now able to rotate...
  2. rc2

    Post ETF2L Season 27 Preseason cup update. D/E: Reportedly and from what I've seen D/E was too strong of a hold. Premiership teams however managed to push D/E much better than lower division teams. E was also not that worth pressuring early on...
  3. rc1

    - minor fixes - slight respawnwavetime adjustments on B and D

Latest reviews

For a steeltype map, it's good. I think out of any Steeltypes that I have played, this is the closest to the high bar that Steel has set, and that is commendable. I am not its biggest fan, but I can recognize good gameplay when I see it. Well done.