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  1. nesman

    Baxter a16a

    Originally based on baxter state park in Maine. It now takes place in a nuclear power plant similar to the Maine Yankee, Maine's nuclear power plant. Credits: Nesman - Mapper Gidi30 - vscript Diva Dan - Trees Stuffy - Trees Zeus - Models & Textures FGD5 Models & Textures Gadget - Railroad...
  2. Cincomma

    Clatter Pass a1

    A well-type KotH map! What's well-type? Much like cp_well, this KotH map has setup time that allows medics to build uber and engineers to build modest nests before the teams fight, creating a new spin on KotH. A1 screenshots As always, comments and feedback are appreciated!
  3. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Stormpeak a2a

    After months of on and off development, hopefully, it will have been worth the wait! A 4CP Payload map taking you up the edge of a stormy mountain, with the storm getting more fierce the higher you go! A re-imagining of my 72-Hour 2020 map Stormy Hill Custom assets used: Mossy rocks and...
  4. AlexEatDonut

    koth_frozencountry a4a

    What a great time of year ! It's freezing in the battlements and yet the water is still not ice. It's a bad time to get outside and yet the mercs are fighting. This map is a re-imagining of my first ever first-real-real-map™ that i have never released. The map was still a koth map, and it was...
  5. A

    IDon'tEvenKnow A1

    An arena map; not much else to say.
  6. MC_Labs15

    Pine Peak b1c

    My entry for the Rule of Threes contest! A single-stage, 3 point payload map featuring a sawblade, a train bridge, and a laserbeam!
  7. zythe_

    Multi Stage hoodiehoo s1_a1

    [this map will have 3 stages! only stage 1 currently exists!] the tag line is not joking, there is a brush outside the map that prevents the map from failing to compile that ive textured with a coconut. this map was designed after goldrush hoodoo and a little bit of dustbowl, but mostly hoodoo...
  8. youporkchop5

    Dunno _a17b

    Dunno is my first real TF2 map in a long time. Hopefully it's good. (edit: its not) The Mercenaries were warped here by some magician (I think he's Soldier's roommate) and now they are forced to fight over the Legendary Nickelodeon Slime Pit™! Screenshots current as of A17A
  9. DoctorDoomtrain64

    koth, Stormy Hill (Open, Alpha)

    I originally made this map for the 2020 72-hour Jam. The map is currently in alpha 3. It's one of my generally more well-liked maps so I think it has a lot of potential. I'm just done with the koth version specifically and plan on adapting...
  10. Sonoma

    Medieval Trojan s1s2a1a

    BLU tries to push their Trojan horse(equipped with a nuclear bomb) to RED's castle This is the second stage
  11. Aulli

    symmetrical cp, Goldwood (Alpha, Invite)

    Made in mc13, I decided on a whim to make it a symmetrical 5 cp map. Turns out, apparently people like it? But a problem: I don't like 5 cp. Alpha 5 currently, I feel like it's about 40% or so through alpha? It's unconventional for a map of its...
  12. zythe_

    ancient a16

    comp map lmao
  13. Mr. B121

    pl_crystal_falls a2

    welcome to my first attempt at a payload map, the small alpine themed area takes you through the valley of crystal falls, which was once a very prosperous mining/logging area, now fight for the sawmill and the surrounding land.
  14. AntiSmile

    Relict A1

    BLU found frozen yeti deep inside the mountain. It's time for RED to take over the relict before it will be send to Yeti Park.
  15. nesman

    PL Rumford

    Rumford - Paper mill payload There is a lot of lore behind this map. It is based off of a paper mill in nothern Maine in the town of Rumford. This is my entry into the Rule of Three's contest. Contributors: Me (The Map), Zeus (Materials), & Izotope (Models & Materials) Other Assets from: Void...
  16. nesman

    Rumford rc2

    There is a lot of lore behind this map. It is based off of a paper mill in nothern Maine in the town of Rumford. This is my entry into the Rule of Three's contest. Zeus: wood texture. Izotope: paper models & overlays. Bakscratch: doors. Void: slaughter assets. FGD5: trucks.
  17. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Dayspring a8

    This is my entry for the TF2Maps Rule of Threes Minor Contest Red team's precious Sawmill is getting attacked by blue team! Stop them to protect all your precious saws, mills and wood from turning into giant explode-y chunks! Skybox texture made by Void
  18. Mr. Kinch

    koth_courtyard a1

    Hey there. This is my first map that I've made for the game. Looking to get it play-tested right now. Feel like there's a lot of work that needs doing but I just want to make sure I'm targeting the right areas (seeing what works etc.) I've documented the work that has currently gone into the...
  19. SnickerPuffs

    September (Background Map) v1

    Much like my last background map, September was built off of the skeleton of another old map of mine. Unlike Rosanna, though, nearly all of the geometry is entirely different from the original map. I changed the name to reflect this, but why did I choose 'September'? Back when I first...
  20. Farlonger

    Medieval Degroot Keep Sunset RC1

    A capture the flag set in around medieval. Layout: Farlonger