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Sapwood A7B

BLU learns of RED's lucrative "logging" operation, and gets jealous.

3-point, single stage CP A/D map. BLU attempts to raid a logging operation ran by RED, extracting a suspiciously shiny sap from a valley forest. Planned theme/detail is alpine, transitioning through the map from run-down, shady, and wooden, to modern, concrete, and sunny.

Sapwood isn't my first map, but it is the first map I've made completely functional, playable, and am eager to test and improve. The map is an amalgamation of my favorite parts of other maps, and I'm hoping to encourage the kind of game flow I find the most fun in TF2. It is very likely to be a flawed map, but I'm ready to invest in the experience of improving it. I made two maps before, but...

A: the drive they were on went kaput.
B: They really, REALLY sucked. They were a great learning experience, but absolutely not good.

11/1/2022: A1

Point A: Situated in front of a rundown, disused warehouse for logs selected for the extraction process.

Point B: Stockyard used for preparing logs for transport and extraction.

Point C: Main control area below transport rails that carry logs through machines, scanners, and down into the valley.

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Latest updates

  1. A7B - Experimental

    This version includes an experimental change, testing dynamics focused on A. If they pass the test, I'll include them in the next full version.
  2. The "Texan Thanksgiving" Update

    A7 holds preparations for moving into beta, and some presents for defenders. MAJOR CHANGES: DEFENDER'S C BALCONY A complaint with point C, and observed in testing was that there was no good spot for Defenders to hold. I realized that, while...
  3. The "Doubling Down" Update

    This update is minor, and a direct followup to the behemoth that is A6. It features only minor changes. -Slightly shortened length of B cliff flank -Increased period of fast respawns for RED after a capture -Moved a tree at A that can unfairly...