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  1. Dasprucegoose

    Ozark a2

    cant think of a good desc. right now.
  2. zythe_

    Multi Stage machestage1 a6

    I adopted this map from, who woulda guessed, @Paper_ Currently only stage 1 exists, but 2 more stages are planned.
  3. Dasprucegoose

    Ozark a1

    Two rocket bases tucked away inside an Ozarks mountain range. Both teams fight to protect and take control of each others radio towers and base of operations. But first, they must take control of a helipad suspended above a large cliff, and a long fall down.
  4. Farlonger

    Ravine Alpine A1

    - An Arena map with an alpine theme. you're saying even are with an alpine. the same say so anyway. Custom Assets: The Frontline! Pack. Skybox Pine Trees. BLU Imports of RED Products. Special Thanks: Original map made by Valve
  5. Itspice

    Depot a3

    a rotationally mirrored King of the hill map following an altered viaduct formula and themed around an alpine train cargo depot.
  6. .zip

    Sawdust a3

    Night falls and it means that blus should attack secret base of red team
  7. kplok

    Talus a3

    3cp attack defend with some cozy cabins. Created for the 2020 72 hour jam.
  8. AlexEatDonut

    cp_upthere a3

    Hello there. This is a map i made with inspiration from summer holidays in the Pyrenees from 2019 and 2020. I wanted to do 3 stages, but the 72hour jam wasn't in the best moment for me, so i had to rush it out. I see it as shallow with no ideas apart from how the 2 stages connects. Maybe it's...
  9. SunriseWatchWater

    Sawmill Pro Pro1

    - A King of the Hill map with an alpine theme. Type Map Sawmill Pro, the saw do you have through is this made never ago with a saw in the middle. I'm sorry everyone what something and that about good luck. Custom Assets: The Frontline Pack Giant Sequoia Trees by EArkham Special Thanks...
  10. Frupcup™

    koth_cragtop B3

    Red and Blu find themselves competing for control of Mount Cragtop's crumbly, particulate gravel! King of the Hill - Cragtop is a competitive-focused KOTH map set in the alpine theme. The map features a half-indoor, half-outdoor style with various types of terrain to battle within. It follows...
  11. LaughableNineSeal44

    Nucleus Pro A1

    - A King of the Hill map with an alpine theme. This is Map Nucleus Pro, l'm well allright to have been year he's changed up. Custom Assets: The Frontline! Pack More Vehicles by FGD5
  12. Skylark

    skylark_acclivity a2

  13. Aapelikaeki

    Cake A11B

    Cake is a 90-dergee rotated king of the hill map set in a forest with a colorful sunrise. Custom content used: Tall thin pine trees by Diva Dan Delivery van by evil knevil and NassimO, from the Emporium Vehicle Prop Pack Ground texture and detail sprites from the Frontline! pack. Skybox texture...
  14. zythe_

    arena_zythe_mc4 a1

    I underestimated the time i had to make this map, so its really small. kinda disappointed in myself but eh, lets see how this plays.
  15. lordofpixels

    death4 rc1

    A very tiny keepaway ctf map built for 1on1 or ultiduo. It has 24 spawns though so feel free to create a hectic highlander lobby. Hold the bomb for a cumulative 2:30 and have it detonate on your back to score a point. Touching the cubes teleports you. I put hurt triggers to telefrag your enemies...
  16. LaughableNineSeal44

    Highrevons RC1

    Koth_Highrevons_RC1 is here! Alpine theme, l wanted to create Koth map. Custom Assets: The Frontline Pack Dusk till Dawn Skyboxes by Void
  17. Virtual Turtle

    Pine A1

    After playing TF2 for 8 years I decided it was time to build my first map! Pine is an action packed, alpine themed KOTH map, set in between the cliffs of Pine Mountain. It features a central point, set on a diagonal bridge! Feedback is highly encouraged & appreciated! View...
  18. Aapelikaeki

    Flare A2

    Flare is a king of the hill map rotated 90° with a washed out alpine theme and a burning sunset.
  19. Princess Birchly

    Alpine Crag a4a1

    Alpine Crag is an Alpine themed MVM map taking place in a small mountainous American hunting village owned by Mann Co in order to collect expensive and endangered animal related products. Download link information: The download is a link to an external dropbox in of which it contains a ZIP...
  20. DrLinnerd

    Alpine V1

    A warehouse in the alpines. A basic KOTH map with a flank door that opens for the team that doesn't have the cap.