koth_scaffold a4

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koth_scaffold a4

A highpass inspired map in the cool mountain air ! My first map

Hello ! This is my first map (well, not really; i've been mapping since a bit of time, but that's the first thing i made for tf2 that's actually playable).

Obviously i took a lot of inspiration from highpass, it's my favorite koth map ! But as well i took a bit of badlands, and the general map layout is obviously the tried and tested viaduct formula.

Theme is a railroad in a mountain pass and the buildings around it; blu and red are taking the guise of shipping companies to try and take control of the railroad in the center and the bunker under it, which is a very good transit point for any weapons and supplies

Attached should normally be some screenshots of the map at this point in time.
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King of the Hill

Latest updates

  1. Anti scout update !

    Hello again ! Lots of changes as always with an alpha, this time focusing on bringing down the scale of the map a bit and making it slightly less of a scout heaven ! Changes include: -Changing the bunker entrances to be tighter and closer to the...
  2. Mid overhaul

    Lots of changes to mid this time ! Here's a list: -Lots of changes to mid: -Changed the cover to hopefully allow for the point to be less defendable -Removed the stairs to the area under the point as flanking was excessive -Generally...
  3. Anti sniper update !

    Heya, so i updated my map ! Here are the changes: -modified the buildings around mid to crack down on sightlines (For example, added a sky bridge on the left side of the map, to make it unusable as a sniper deck; the other side doesn't have...