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Highwood Pro b3

Highwood but optimized for comp

Hi I'm working on Highwood again. I saw the changes made while I wasnt taking part of the development and thought that it would be better to create a separate pro version. The old demo doesnt seem to work though so I think it would be nice to have some playtest with the new version. The new version has some optimizations which should make the map play smoother. I heard about the second point being pretty hard to push so I'll try to figure out the solution after one or two playtests.

Special thanks to @Mâché for developing when I couldn't and making some of the layout changes.
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Latest updates

  1. b3

    Various changes: Moved window next to point A Changes around C point Capping C point now unlocks sightline into D
  2. b2

    Nuked the door after B. This will encourage more momentum-based plays. Blocked one of the large sightlines at B to encourage more movement for red players Moved the Health and Ammo at B in order to make spy picking them up less visible. Red heavy...