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foundry pro2

A pro version of the 5cp map foundry

The map nobody asked for.

Thanks to Gatsan for feedback and interest in development.

- Removed clutter
- Adjusted area portals
- Changed the round timer to 10 minutes
- General optimisation improvements

- Shifted health and ammo for better rollouts
- Blockbullet clipped stairs

Mid Lobby
- Made doorways taller
- Removed metal sheets which will make the lobby marginally bigger
- Blockbullet clipped stairs
- Removed unnecessary clip brushes
- Added a doorway to the train side of lobby
- Opened up the hole at the top of the platform
- Adjusted sign near tall door

- Moved point further towards mid
- Added a shack next to the point
- Added a fence to block a sightline
- Extended forward spawn
- Fixed that weird cubby hole
- Blockbullet clipped stairs
- Added props to allow all classes to jump to the upper entrance to mid
- Removed the mvm easter egg

Last Lobby
- Extended lobby and added new route in the centre
- Adjusted health and ammo locations

- Clipped the deathpit
- Added a new route to the upper entrance
- Moved some props around
- Added a new custom prop to replace the head banging prop
- Added 2 new routes for scouts to take to the upper area (one at the front and one at the back)
- Added cover to the back of the point
- Blockbullet clipped stairs
- Raised the point slightly
- Removed or adjusted several metal beams so players would not be blocked on rollouts or jumps
- Removed the entire back area in spawn including the mvm easter egg
- Removed 2 of the black pipes in accordance with the new route
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. Update to foundry pro

    Pro2 Changes General - Removed clutter - Adjusted area portals Mid - Added a wall next to the shack - Changed the orientation of the stairs next to the shack - Moved the train on mid further back - Clipped the stairs at the point - Adjusted...