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govan a14

Koth map designed for competitive play, I'm updating this map based on feedback from the community.

King of the Hill map designed for competitive play. Featuring balanced height advantage based combat and an interesting flank dynamic which encourages teams to divide themselves into a proper combo and flank to avoid being shot from behind. I'm updating this map based on feedback from the community.

Promo vid by verkle -
View: https://youtu.be/vqQe9lS_iyg
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. koth_govan_a14 update

    a14 General Reduced brush count across map Mid Reworked the area under point Staging Area Fixed seams between displacement and ramps Extended the left tower (attacking pov) Spawn Fixed missing texture on red doorways to concrete...
  2. koth_govan_a13 update

    a13 General Optimisation improvements - area portals and skybox closed off at spawn Removed some unnecessary clip brushes Mid Added prop-jump to ledge Opened chicken-wire building next to ledge Staging Area Removed concrete flank route
  3. koth_govan_a12 update

    a12 General Decreased cap time by 2 seconds (10s>8s) Mid Added window above drop down to allow vision to players hiding in the corners or camping above drop down Fixed misaligned texture on ramps Made door frames thinner at choke Staging...