ctf_ashpit a1a

An attempt at a competitive CTF map

  1. d3adfin
    deep underground, both RED and BLU's mines are set alight after a situation involving explosives and gross incompetence. now both teams have to grab the others' hidden intelligence before it burns to a crisp!

    ctf_ashpit is a ctf map made with 6v6 play in mind
    you can return your flag by touching it
    custom textures made by me

    - need to change the lobby areas so they aren't campy and tight, not happy with the design at the moment and i wanna make something akin to the forward spawn in cp_badlands
    - fuck with respawn times to make sure there aren't rolls but it isn't impossible to push once taking mid



    1. upload_2021-4-5_15-48-59.png
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