(Not) Minecraft Jungle a4

map will no longer be worked on

  1. Lem Mem
    I added the not to the name because too many people complained about the name promising minecraft but not delivering.

    This map is my attempt at updating the 2 Choke design to be better. Taking the best parts of Gullywash and Badlands to make a cool, jungle-y 5cp map. I thought a lot during this maps development, doing so much as to analyze the problems with the 2 maps listed above.
    Namely, Gullwash was lacking a 3rd route and rotations between chokes on Badlands was way to slow.

    There are some problems with my layout. Namely, I'm not really proud of lobby. Its pretty much impossible to push through and into last. It definitely needs some reworking. Plus, the second choke (which I'm calling valley) feels to long to me, it might need some shortening, but I don't want that to come at the expense of the house.

    Custom Assets:
    imetal002b by Crash
    Jungle Assets by Heyo
    Enclosure Assets by Alligator

    20210603101700_1.jpg 20210603101711_1.jpg 20210603101727_1.jpg 20210603101734_1.jpg 20210603101744_1.jpg 20210603101747_1.jpg

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