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Ye Olde rc4

Medieval-styled, nighttime, simple payload map.

This map was inspired by medieval England and Scotland. It consists of simple layout, 4 control points to capture (including the goal) and a giant midnight Moon looming over the middle-age city, somewhere in a mount region.

This is my first ever published map in Steam Workshop and on TF2Maps, so I would gladly appreciate all the adequate criticism, error/bug reports and the informative feedback in general.

Current version is deemed final, however some fixes may be applied if necessary.

Special thanks to:
- ficool2 , SCell555 and many others for creating and maintaining Hammer++ map editing software.
- Gadget for creating the Medieval Map Prefab Pack [tf2maps.net]
- Aaron "Aar" Pearson for providing great help in solving optimization, player clipping, lighting and many other general issues.
- Everyone else who provided feedback :)
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Update from 28th of April, 2023

    Additions: - More ramps for knights. - More birds. Improves and fixes: - Visibility and optimisation. - Fixed some materials and collisions. - Improved ambient sounds. - Fixed some holes in the ground that some dummy made.
  2. Ye Olde v2.2 Update

    - Adjusted environment lighting, the map now is much brighter. - Expanded gameplay area near the goal control point. - Fixed clipping issues.