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  1. maxchrome

    Ye Olde rc4

    This map was inspired by medieval England and Scotland. It consists of simple layout, 4 control points to capture (including the goal) and a giant midnight Moon looming over the middle-age city, somewhere in a mount region. This is my first ever published map in Steam Workshop and on TF2Maps...
  2. SocknessMonster

    dm_babysfirst v2

    this is my first map, but it was fun to make! i hope you can give me constructive criticism and to have fun, after an hour of thirty minutes in creation hopefully it was worth the wait
  3. Fudge Man

    RoomWallPointWall A1

    An old King of the Hill map with a layout of Room > Wall > point > Wall (>Room).
  4. Fudge Man

    Stonebrick A1

    King of the Hill map with an intended theme of castle ruins, don't know what happened to that. Currently only dev textures.
  5. Unusual Pretzel

    Trade_Faroe_1 1

    Simple trade map so dont expect much
  6. elongated muskrat

    steel wood alpha steel wood alpha 2

    steel wood is a basic mirrored koth map that isn't very good if I'm being honest. it uses the viaduct formula starting with a ramp to give you high ground if the frontline is pushed back, and a building used for snipers. then a balcony connected to a small building with a window, then of course...
  7. LastJester510

    Koth_BusyTown_Remastered a3b0

    This is my first map that I made a year ago in 2020. But it was simply & didn't have so much Bull on it. So once I abandoned the map, cause of the Very Negative emotions & feedback to this map. I than got back up & went to the other versions of this map & see what I did right & what could I take...
  8. Druid

    koth_druid_a5 a5

    A simple king of the khill map, paying homage to old school 2007 maps.
  9. birds are great

    koth_cloud_a1 2020-09-09

  10. birds are great

    koth_cloud_a1 2020-09-09

    a upward inspired map, once again, one of my first maps
  11. birds are great

    koth_grind_a1 2020-09-07

    its like an outside area! its simple
  12. birds are great

    koth_grind_a1 2020-09-07

    its like an outside area!
  13. birds are great

    koth_sawdust_a1 2020-09-06

  14. birds are great

    koth_sawdust_a1 2020-09-06

    its ok
  15. birds are great

    koth_sawdust 2020-09-06

    its ok but its fun!
  16. DefNotDylanYT

    Split 2.0.0

    A simple arena map to enjoy with friends! My first map and I hope you enjoy it! Screenshots:
  17. LiquidX

    Step A5B

    After a long hiatus, I have returned to the world of TF2 mapping! Step is (yet another) simple yet effective King of the Hill map. I couldn't really come up with a good name, so I stuck with Step for the time being. I didn't really have a theme going on for this one, I just started making a...
  18. Dr. Snoop

    CTF_2BasePF A115b

    CTF 2Base is a "Pre-Fortress 2 Optimized" Neutral CTF map where you take the intelligence from the central base via the bridges or lower entrances and return it to your base's capture point. Neutral CTF: Take the Intelligence and return it to YOUR Base to Capture! TF2, PF2, TF2C, TF2V, Etc...
  19. GeoLikesLogic

    Big Box Version A2

    It's literally a room with 2 spawns looking against eachother. Each one has 2 doors, one of the blue doors has a broken no entry overlay and all of which are way larger than they reasonably should be. The center part of the map changes colour with the point so that's cool.
  20. Owli

    koth_sightlines a11

    Simple first proper map.