payload 4 cp

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  1. Gismo Gaming

    Medieval pl_darkAges Alpha 1 - The beginning

    A hybrid payload medieval adventure fun time.
  2. maxchrome

    Ye Olde rc4

    This map was inspired by medieval England and Scotland. It consists of simple layout, 4 control points to capture (including the goal) and a giant midnight Moon looming over the middle-age city, somewhere in a mount region. This is my first ever published map in Steam Workshop and on TF2Maps...
  3. scrly

    Ashlands A6

    my 2nd pl map tree models: bulletcrops content pack: santorini props: some frontline assets: that...
  4. AllInTw0

    Train Factory b1

    My first ever pl map. (dont have a desc yet)
  5. ThatGreenSpyGuy

    Urise A3

    A simple payload map with a simple twist. Points B and D are accompanied by a lock that temporarily halts the cart, forcing BLU to instead capture a nearby control point in order to progress. I have not made a map in nearly 2 years, so it likely won't be all that good (especially considering...
  6. Zoomspilo

    Theseus Alpha 6

    This is my first time making a payload map! It's got: a payload cart, tracks for it to run on, points for BLU to capture, and spawn rooms for the players to spawn in. What's that? Good gameplay? Hmm, nope, that one's not on my checklist. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be fine.
  7. Scary-Jello

    pl_ionize a1

    Ionize is a 4 point payload map in which blu needs to destroy a vital uranium stockpile by going past bridges, freight elevators, and giant locked blast-doors with radioactive warnings on them. This was primarily a payload logic test map, and is my first functional payload map. (The white...