night time

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  1. spruce

    72hr Jam 2023 A/D Nocturnal (72Hr Jam) a1

    Nocturnal is my Halloween 2 Point A/D map with no Halloween gimmicks, it's shoddy because I was running out of time, thanks for understanding Report any issues please thanks.
  2. Dasprucegoose

    72hr Jam 2023 Regresar a1

    In this Halloween arena map, players are given one last chance after dying to return to the land of the living. Made for the 2023 72hr Jam Vscript by Floaty (made prior to the jam) I'm planning on adding a couple more mechanics/gimmicks later Content used: Arabian Market pack Graveyard asset...
  3. icelandicmoose22

    Sluice box 3cp cp_sluice_box_b8a

    Night in the desert themed 3 cp. First map I really worked on. my goal is to have a strange but playable map.
  4. maxchrome

    Ye Olde rc4

    This map was inspired by medieval England and Scotland. It consists of simple layout, 4 control points to capture (including the goal) and a giant midnight Moon looming over the middle-age city, somewhere in a mount region. This is my first ever published map in Steam Workshop and on TF2Maps...
  5. Little Skull Kid

    Courtyard 1.1

    Battle it out at late night in the inner courtyard of these two factories to control this rather important (trust me) satellite dish! A mirrored King of the Hill map, rather straightforward and small in length, but with lots of flank routes and industrial-sized vertical height. My first map...
  6. Phe

    sd_phe_mc22_a1 a1

    For the microcontest 22, i accidentally named the bsp pd_ instead of sd_ ignore that lol
  7. Will Alfred

    trade_boozehound v4

    Hello! I am Will Alfred, and THIS, is Boozehound. I don't have much to put here about it, so i'll only elaborate on what the map is themed after. The map is on a Beach Shore, near a port, and we're in the early 20st century, when the first world war had ended, the United States of America had...
  8. The Almighty Ham

    koth_broadcast b1a

    RED and BLU have grown rather unpopular with the locals, and must fight for a radio broadcasting tower to spread propaganda in their favour! Night-time, urban themed KOTH map
  9. RC_Polygons

    Butcher RC1b

    Welcome to Butcher. Take a step into this hospital where the surgery goes awry and where the fire grows brighter. The dead corpses are rising from the ashes to take their revenge. Stop them displaying a bomb at your base. Butcher is in Hexadecimal Horrors Expert Mission: Lucid Nightmare (...
  10. Sonoma

    Rivet rc2a

    R I V E T BLU and RED battle for each other's "decommisioned" industrial complexes, though we all know that behind the facade of abandoned machinery and metal buildings they house spying bases and weaponry. Please give feedback! Pics of RC2
  11. Dasprucegoose

    Ozark a2

    cant think of a good desc. right now.
  12. Chains-

    Cybertech b1

    Cybertech is a single-stage Payload map with 4 cap points. BLU is tasked to retrieve a mysterious cube from RED with the help of their special payload. Credits & Special Thanks Content Packs Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack by A Boojum Snark Autumnal Content Pack by Berry Frontline Content Pack...
  13. Chains-

    Tavern b7

    Tavern is a single-stage Payload map with 4 cap points. After a long day of work, BLU decided to crash RED's party at the local tavern. Credits & Special Thanks Thank you mag as always for the help with everything. Thanks zap for helping with sightlines adjustments during testing. Hopeful for...