Winterstorm A8a

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*changed layout a lot​

*added new routes​

*more waterfalls(and death pits)​

*more jump pads(probably going to add more in the future )​

*added more ammo and health​

*simplified lights (made them less warm and more bleak ,removed some props associated with lighting)​

*made map less over scaled (made it smaller and changed layout a bit)​

*added push triggers on top of trees​

*made waterfall/lake cave thing no build zone so that engies can no longer build in water or inside of a waterfall​

*added a signs that point to the waterfalls to make it more clear that you can go through the waterfall​

*added more trees​

*removed/changed some routs a bit​

*Changed spawns (made them smaller and redesigned them a bit)

*added custom content (COMPILE PALL IS FIXED FINALLYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!)

*..... hopefully packed it properly (T.T)

*made waterfall better (acts more like water(puts out burning players),you can't build inside of waterfall anymore)

*reduced the sound of waterfall

*fixed doors

*changed spawn a bit

*changed one way door near mid into a normal door(2way)

*no more truck

*added arrows for better clarity
tweaked sky and fog settings a bit
yea packing still doesn't work for me ....bye custom skybox :(


* once again....... hopefully everything is packed this time​

* changed so that death pit kills you instantly now​

* added a new rout behind the waterfall to hopefully make spy's life easier a bit and​

sniper's a bit harder​

* THE NEW AREA !!!(I was a bit lazy so for now here are the screenshots from hammer. Will probably update the old screenshots in next version too tired now.....)​

Screenshot (69).png
Screenshot (70).png

Screenshot (71).png
Screenshot (72).png
Screenshot (73).png
made it ugly
packing the map isn't and option it doesn't work (I tried EVERYTHING)