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  1. Ismaciodismorphus

    North Fort v1

    North Fort is a Smissmas Player Destruction version of Ghost Fort Old Nick is in need of unwanted gifts he can get for free to sell for profit in the afterlife and lacking any of his Elves since his unfortunate death has put out a request to both Red and Blu. Credits Ismaciodismorphus...
  2. iiboharz

    Snowbank b3

    A snowy rehash of Databank! I spent way too long on this. Additional contributors: pont (artpass consultation, support beam architect, structural analyst) Lo-fi (concept art) Phe (additional artpass) Stuffy360 (additional artpass, hanging mine cart textures) Faye (clipping, optimisation) Yrrzy...
  3. Emil_Rusboi

    Well Snowy b4

    2 toy making factories decided to steal toy making secrets from each other on the eve of christmas Phe - Original artpass Emil - Re-artpass help Nat-Tea - Workshop specific models Stuffy - Mid rework and christmas decoration models Sono - Misc. help KrazyZark - Snow cover models
  4. Boby

    Winterstorm A22

    a koth map with snow and pines (pictures are outdated ) credits: Tall thin pine trees by Diva Dan : London pack : Frontline asset pack :
  5. Hydro Eclipse

    Azukico A1

    A payload race on a 90-degree map is a snowy area.
  6. Aarmastah

    Hollytower b2g

    This is a winter-themed reskin of plr_hightower (technically plr_hightower_event due to its additional features I borrowed) for Smissmas, featuring the Snowman bombs from Coal Pit. Features assets by me, Yrrzy, and Diva Dan.
  7. Dasprucegoose

    hotandcold Dasprucegoose DO NOT NOCLIP

    Cold, then hot DO NOT NOCLIP THROUGH THE MAP, WALK THROUGH NORMALLY!!! (There are scripted sequences that will break) Custom content packs: KrazyZark's icicles KrazyZark's snow covered props KrazyZark's blue manor assets Diva Dan's ice pack Diva Dan's Bonesaw assets Diva Dan's Graveyard...
  8. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Doomtrain's Smissmas in July Gameday!

    Looking for a break from the fun in the sun and the scorching heat of Summer? Do you live in the Southern Hemisphere and are sick to death of cold weather and snow? If you're the former, well you've come to the right place! If you're the latter, well too bad! Cuz coming your way are 11...
  9. Ismaciodismorphus

    Cranberry (Arena) v1

    Cranberry is an Festive version of arena_granary Control point version: Credits: Ismaciodismorphus: Map Maker, Snowy granary props, Static b day gibs Pinewabble: Festive props pack KrazyZark: Snowyprops pack Void: Triage sky texture
  10. Aarmastah

    Powderhouse b1d

    Winter-themed cp_powerhouse reskin. Uses assets from Diva Dan and Yrrzy.
  11. Mess About

    clover a9

    take place somewhere on the arctic region
  12. Aarmastah

    Lumberyard Snowy a1

    arena_lumberyard with snow and Diva Dan's arena mode hybrid thing from arena_lumberyard_event. Very much a work-in-progress and proof of concept Uses materials and particles from Diva Dan and yrrzy
  13. Aarmastah

    Coal Pit 2023-11-10

    Created by Aar, zythe_, yrrzy, Diva Dan, and UEAKCrash - Added to Team Fortress 2 in the Smissmas 2022 update!
  14. Ismaciodismorphus

    Snowy Granary prop pack 10/20/2022

    Collection of props used on granary made snowy to make them fit into winter locations contains a zoo map of all the the props with the skybox ones seperated from the gameplay space props.
  15. Cincomma

    Crosstalk RC1a

    See the sights! Hear the sounds! Fight to the death and stain the snow with blood! Breathe in the asbestos! Perfect family vacation hotspot. Map by @Cindycomma Overlay by @Muddy Metal textures by the Frontline Team Skybox by @Void Mainframe computer model and arctic fox cutout by @Cindycomma
  16. Ismaciodismorphus

    Multi Stage Snowpine a2

    I added the hidden cut third exit from the third stage haha Its pipeline but white, i plan to add some cool stuff to it like maybe Santa will airstrike everyone every 20 seconds and nuke the map or something. Get the gronch to the enemies base! Credits: Krazyzark - Snowy models pack
  17. Ismaciodismorphus

    Blizzardworks Deathmatch a1

    Fight in the middle of a blizzard Blizzards happen around every minute or so Weapon roster x1 Nailgun x1 Burst Rifle x1 Lightning gun x1 Revolver x1 Tommy gun x1 Grenade launcher x1 rocket launcher x1 flamer x1 railgun x1 chaingun x1 quad launcher x1 coach gun Power Ups x1 Krit X1 Cloak
  18. pont

    Giants rc3

    Stay toasty amidst the permafrost in the waste heat of two giant supercomputers. Giants is a rotational-symmetry Capture the Flag map with an emphasis on intel pushes and a push-pull flow, avoiding the stalemates typical of the mode. Fight amidst basalt columns and fresh snow, then venture deep...
  19. SnickerPuffs

    Lead (Background Map) v1

    I felt like I was on a roll with my last detail map, yet it's been nearly a year since then. Why the wait, you may be asking? That's what I want to know, too. Name (and rough layout) comes from an old map I created in collaboration with a former TF2M member. I've been thinking of remaking it...
  20. Mess About

    hypothermia a12

    supposed to be my 72hr Winter Jam 2021 entry, but I underestimated the amount of time needed to finish it and missed the deadline (also didn't want to make a half-ass, just-get-it-done map either) so here we are, 10 days later. I tend to underscale map in fear of sniper sightlines, so this time...