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  1. Ismaciodismorphus

    Snowy Granary prop pack 10/20/2022

    Collection of props used on granary made snowy to make them fit into winter locations contains a zoo map of all the the props with the skybox ones seperated from the gameplay space props.
  2. Cindycomma

    Crosstalk RC1

    See the sights! Hear the sounds! Fight to the death and stain the snow with blood! Breathe in the asbestos! Perfect family vacation hotspot. Map by @Cindycomma Overlay by @Muddy Metal textures by the Frontline Team Skybox by @Void Mainframe computer model and arctic fox cutout by @Cindycomma
  3. Ismaciodismorphus

    Multi Stage Snowpine a2

    I added the hidden cut third exit from the third stage haha Its pipeline but white, i plan to add some cool stuff to it like maybe Santa will airstrike everyone every 20 seconds and nuke the map or something. Get the gronch to the enemies base! Credits: Krazyzark - Snowy models pack
  4. Ismaciodismorphus

    Blizzardworks Deathmatch a1

    Fight in the middle of a blizzard Blizzards happen around every minute or so Weapon roster x1 Nailgun x1 Burst Rifle x1 Lightning gun x1 Revolver x1 Tommy gun x1 Grenade launcher x1 rocket launcher x1 flamer x1 railgun x1 chaingun x1 quad launcher x1 coach gun Power Ups x1 Krit X1 Cloak
  5. pont

    Giants rc3

    Stay toasty amidst the permafrost in the waste heat of two giant supercomputers. Giants is a rotational-symmetry Capture the Flag map with an emphasis on intel pushes and a push-pull flow, avoiding the stalemates typical of the mode. Fight amidst basalt columns and fresh snow, then venture deep...
  6. SnickerPuffs

    Lead (Background Map) v1

    I felt like I was on a roll with my last detail map, yet it's been nearly a year since then. Why the wait, you may be asking? That's what I want to know, too. Name (and rough layout) comes from an old map I created in collaboration with a former TF2M member. I've been thinking of remaking it...
  7. Mess About

    hypothermia a12

    supposed to be my 72hr Winter Jam 2021 entry, but I underestimated the amount of time needed to finish it and missed the deadline (also didn't want to make a half-ass, just-get-it-done map either) so here we are, 10 days later. I tend to underscale map in fear of sniper sightlines, so this time...
  8. Clone5184

    Snowy Cliff A1

    I think this is the most sense one of my map names has ever made. A King of the Hill map that takes place on, well, a snowy cliff! Features a number of different routes to take, some more dangerous than others.
  9. myria

    Nabisco 72Hr Jam a5

    Snowy cabin and oreo themed ultiduo map! Contributors:
  10. I Darkstar X

    Shrouded Outskirts A2

    The first of three payload maps where the planet is freezing to death and there is no more natural light. If you're unlucky enough to have played my first ever payload map, it is the same setting. (May also hint at what the third and final map might look like. A little.) This payload map...
  11. Ismaciodismorphus

    Woods_tree_01 snowy cool

    Messing around with qc files was nightmare but a learning experience. Anyways enjoy this snowy version of the woods_tree_01 prop!
  12. Punn Ames Ardum

    inandout_punnamesardum 2021-09-13

    This is a submission to the In-And-Out detailing contest. Though not a perfect submission (never got to test out how to do hanging wires) I feel like this has genuinely widened my skills as a mapper. It has soundscapes and a lot more displacements than I'm used to, I feel like they really go...
  13. MaggeyAttackey

    Frostfight A4

    A small KOTH map centered on the town square of a snowy village. Uses textures and props from the Frontline! asset pack. As always, feedback is appreciated!
  14. MC_Labs15

    pl_thermo a6

    BLU team invades a RED geothermal plant, aiming to blow up the nefarious laboratory experiment contained within. UPDATE: New redesigned version here:
  15. Mr. B121

    koth_winter_resort a6

    a koth map deigned to resemble the major ski resorts of the Midwest. This is my very first map, hopefully its not horrible
  16. r0nii

    mvm_gd_frostine b9

    Snowy map made for the guardian dynamica event Map is designed for two players only! Defend your control points from the robots 6 missions available! map may lose the support after event ends
  17. Hrambelj

    Crystallisation A5

    Fight over an arctic research station and cap the Point.
  18. Estlib

    siege_snowtown v2_1rc

    Greetings, this is literally my first map in tf2 called siege_snowtown. It takes place on a snowy hill with a "town" on it. The gamemode is siege, if you have ever played paladins, you would instantly recognise this gamemode. If not, then this is what siege is - two teams fight over a point...
  19. Dr.TwentyTwo

    snowfield a3

    This is my second attempt at creating a map. I think this came out pretty good for a second attempt overall especially considering the disaster that was bridge town. I took heavy inspiration from highpass with this map as well as some others like harvest. I hope you enjoy the map as I haven't...
  20. Alternating Current

    Coldmill A2

    Well, it's a CTF map, I guess. Not a good one, but it is a CTF map. Coldmill is a miniscule CTF map that takes place in a thawing winter valley alongside a train line. Over the winter, the warming ice flooded the secret spytech bases. Go steal the intel while the enemies are trying to pump out...