Wildlife b3

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Wildlife b3

A 5cp map centered around a giant forest.

Wildlife is a 5cp map centered in unique points and unorthodox path construction. The map takes inspiration from the likes of old, near-forgotten 5cp maps such as Obscure, Bazillion, Toxic, and many others.

I have tried to make this one of the most unique 5cp experiences you'll have in TF2.

Made by phi. Versions prior to B3 had brushwork by Vincent, although B3 mostly removed the contributions. No drama, just didn't like that part of the layout anymore.
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. 1.75 years later... B3!

    Here's a refresher: The last update to Wildlife was posted in October of 2015. Since then I've organised my move to the UK, visited Kim for 4.5 months in 2016, bought an 8-string electric guitar, the works. Lots of stuff happening and the whole...
  2. wildlife - beta 2

    Beta 2. Thanks nitewalker and New New Map Pugs for the feedback. • fixed spectator cameras, they were set to the wrong points • fixed stickies sticking to spawn doors • slightly adjusted displacements on mid • removed health on high ground...
  3. wildlife - beta

    so, here's the beta release